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about rhm

RHM is a twice-yearly peer reviewed international journal which has developed a whole new way of thinking about sexuality and reproduction. It is working to build an environment in which sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are promoted and implemented through law, policy, programmes and services.

With an editorial office in London, RHM now has 41 board members based in more than 23 different countries. The RHM editions in translation have editorial teams in seven countries. Altogether, hundreds of authors and peer reviewers have contributed to the journal, which has a readership in over 180 countries.

As of 2011, RHM was ranked 41st among the top 95 journals in public health, according the Thomson Reuters (formerly ISI) Web of Knowledge A* rating system.

All of this has been made possible by generous grants over the years from foundations and governments.

aims and scope

  • to promote laws, policies, research and services that meet women's and men's reproductive health needs and support the right to decide whether, when and how to have children
  • to examine experiences, values, information and issues from the point of view of the women whose lives are affected
  • to motivate improvements in policy, services and practice
  • to inspire new thinking and action in the field.


RHM's publications are about laws, policies, research and service delivery related to sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). Topics which RHM covers include:

  • abortion, family planning and population policy
  • maternal mortality and morbidity
  • motherhood and fatherhood, pregnancy and delivery, and living without children
  • sexual health, HIV/AIDS, safer sex, condoms and male circumcision
  • reproductive tract infections, sexually transmitted infections and infertility
  • reproductive cancers
  • health policies, SRHR services, integration of services and task shifting
  • advocacy, access and equity, distributive justice
  • SRHR law and policy, human rights, criminalisation and ethics
  • health systems, human resources and privatization
  • SRHR-related violence and sexual violence
  • SRHR in conflict and crisis settings
  • body image, sexuality and cosmetic surgery

RHM's work is by and for

  • sexual and reproductive health and rights advocates
  • health service providers, including obstetrician-gynaecologists and other clinicians, midwives and nurses, family planning providers and associations, HIV counseling and treatment providers, and counselors
  • health policymakers, ministries and health departments, including maternal and child health, sexual and reproductive health, family planning and STIs/HIV/AIDS
  • national and international health professional associations
  • international agencies and donors, including United Nations agencies
  • NGOs and other civil society organisations focusing on health and human rights, and population and development
  • social science and biomedical researchers and scientists
  • academics and their students in public health, law, medicine, social science and demography
  • university and post-graduate education and training courses for sexual and reproductive health professionals
  • university and other libraries and resource centres
  • journalists, newspapers, newsletters, journals and magazines, and
  • those in related fields.


  • a twice yearly, peer-reviewed, international journal in English, with abstracts in English, French and Spanish (ISSN 0968-8080). In English, the journal and supplements are distributed in print and online by Elsevier, and online by ScienceDirect, Jstor and HINARI
  • editions of the journal in translation in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, French and Russian, produced and distributed by partners in Beijing, Cairo, Lima, New Delhi, São Paulo, Bobo Dioulasso and Moscow
  • supplements to the journal, which are also registered as books, on behalf of other organisations in the field
  • CD-roms containing selected articles from across RHM's publications on specific themes, or seminar/workshop reports
  • information for authors and peer reviewers, news from around the world, and a cumulative index of all articles published by RHM, by author, subject and country/region.

international workshops

RHM organises international workshops to explore new, controversial and neglected issues, and publishes papers, supplements and reports from those meetings. Workshop themes have included: Repoliticising sexual and reproductive health (2010); The future of international conferences (2008); Condoms (2006); International abortion strategy (2004) and Implications of Health Sector Reforms for SRH Services (2002).


In 1992, a group of women's health advocates from all over the world met to discuss starting a publication on reproductive rights. Their decision was precipitated by controversy during a women's rights conference in 1990 at Hunter College, New York, in a session called "Is a feminist population policy possible?"

The founding meeting in London took place on Halloween. Many of those present continue to sit on the RHM board.

The following month, in November 1992, the Ford Foundation took the decision to fund two issues for 1993. In 1993 this was extended for two additional years, and included funds to explore other languages. Other donors followed in 1994 and 1995.



RHM is a charity registered in England and a company limited by guarantee. The editorial office is in London, UK.

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