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annual report

RHM has expanded over the past decade to become a multi-language, multi-media and multi-activity project

  • Publishes a twice-yearly multidisciplinary journal with a comprehensive approach to all sexual and reproductive health and rights and related topics (including HIV, population policy, health systems and services, social determinants of health)
  • Supports the production of the RHM journal in seven languages in addition to English - Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, French and Russian - by a network of editorial teams
  • Produces books and journal supplements for other organisations/institutions
  • Produces collections of articles on CD-rom for dissemination at conferences, e.g. the International AIDS conferences
  • Organises international seminars, workshops, and conferences with other NGOs every two to three years
  • Capacity building for authors, peer reviewers and staff
  • Creates materials for authors and peer reviewers on writing for publication, including seminars and workshops
  • Maintains access to RHM publications on a range of websites and most recently via social media
  • Coordinates international networking, e.g. via the "Repoliticising SRHR group" who organised an international meeting in 2010.

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