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about the director and editor

From 1st March 2015, Dr Shirin Heidari has been appointed as the new director of RHM and editor of its journal.

Message from Shirin Heidari, Director and Editor

It is a privilege to join RHM as the Journal’s new editor and director of the organisation. The honour is combined with the great responsibility attached to replacing an outstanding predecessor. Marge Berer, the founder of RHM, has been an excellent editor and a tireless advocate for sexual and reproductive rights. As she passes the torch to me, I would like to express my gratitude for the work she has done to build an influential journal, with editions in several other languages, and for her exceptional contributions to the SRHR community as Editor... [more]

Message from Marge Berer, outgoing Editor

I am very pleased to announce that Dr Shirin Heidari has been appointed as the new editor of RHM as of 1st March 2015.

RHM is about to go through a number of changes ‒ no longer being a print journal, becoming online only, publishing more frequently, entering more fully into the electronic publication universe, and becoming a mixed subscription/open access journal.

Peter McEwan, the founder editor of Social Science and Medicine, advised me when I went to talk to him about starting a new journal in 1992, not to stay longer than 25 years as the editor. It was good advice. This is a good moment for a new editor, who brings different perspectives and interests, and lots of wonderful energy, to the task ... [more]


Shirin Heidari - RHM Editor
RHM Director and Editor
Shirin Heidari