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about the editor

a message from Marge Berer, Founding Editor

Being the editor of Reproductive Health Matters has been an incredible experience. I’ve not only been able to be a full-time editor in this job, but also a lecturer, sharing the knowledge that RHM has published, and a teacher of writing for publication. I’ve also always done this job as an active participant in the field and as an advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights. In the 22 years since we started the journal, I’ve had the privilege of working with hundreds of the most amazing authors and peer reviewers anyone could hope to meet.

With readers in 186 countries and the support of RHM’s donors, boards and authors, RHM has become a much valued resource in the field for information, knowledge, perspectives, ideas for change on the ground, and recommendations for policy, services, research and action.

The world of journal publishing is increasingly complex and RHM faces a period of transition to online publishing and changes in relation to open access publishing that raise new and different equity-related issues from the past.

Funding will always present a challenge. However, RHM’s unique perspective, determination to cover controversial, new and neglected issues and challenge orthodoxies is needed now more than ever. I look forward to welcoming someone with the passion and skill to meet these challenges who will take RHM into the future with new ideas and energy

about Marge Berer

Marge Berer is the founding editor of Reproductive Health Matters and has been the chair of the Steering Committee of the International Consortium for Medical Abortion since 2002. She was also the chair of Voice for Choice, the coalition of pro-choice organisations in the UK, from 2007 to 2009.

She received the Olivia Schieffelin Nordberg Award for Excellence in Writing and Editing in the Population Sciences in May 2007. She was the first chairwoman of the Gender Advisory Panel, WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research, from 1996 to 2001, and a member of the International Women’s Advisory Panel of the IPPF from 1993-98.

Marge has been working in the UK and internationally since 1976 as an advocate for abortion rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights. She has published a lot on maternal mortality over the years, starting in 1988 for the 1st International Day of Action for Women's Health (28th May 1988). She also edited and authored a book in 1991-1993 on women and HIV, sexual and reproductive health that helped to place these issues on the global agenda.


1993– Reproductive Health Matters, London
1990–1992 Women & HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Health: An International Resource Book, London
1985–1990 Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights, Amsterdam
1983–1985 Women's Reproductive Rights Information Centre, London
1980–1983 National Abortion Campaign, London

international advisory panels/steering committees

2007–2009 Chair, Voice for Choice, London
2002– Chair, Steering Committee, International Consortium for Medical Abortion
1996–2001 Chairwoman, Gender Advisory Panel, Department of Reproductive Health and Research/HRP, World Health Organization, Geneva
1996–2000 Steering Committee, Voices and Choices, International Community of Women Living with HIV and AIDS, London
1993–1998 International Women's Advisory Panel, International Planned Parenthood Federation, London
1978–1984 Steering Committee, International Campaign for Abortion Rights, London


European Association of Science Editors
English PEN
Association for Women's Rights in Development

Marge Berer - RHM Editor
RHM Editor - Marge Berer

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