What We Do

Through its journal RHM supports the generation of knowledge and dissemination of evidence to inform practice. RHM also convenes partners, engages in policy dialogues, identifies knowledge gaps and advocates for more research and evidence, in particular of neglected issues in SRHR, in order to:

  • promote universal sexual and reproductive health needs of all regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation
  • support women’s right to decide whether, when and how to have children
  • encourage evidence-based and gender-sensitive laws, policies and service delivery
  • inspire new thinking and action towards realisation of universal rights to sexual and reproductive health for women, men and transgender people

RHM works across the spectrum of sexual and reproductive health and rights, covering a wide range of issues:

  • abortion, contraception, family planning, population policy
  • maternal health
  • maternal mortality and morbidity
  • motherhood and fatherhood, pregnancy, delivery
  • living without children
  • sexual health, HIV/AIDS, safe sex, male and female condoms, male circumcision
  • reproductive tract infections, sexually transmitted infections
  • infertility, reproductive technologies
  • reproductive cancers
  • SRHR services, integration of services, task shifting
  • access, equity, distributive justice
  • SRHR law and policies, human rights, criminalisation, ethics
  • health systems, human resources, privatisation
  • gender-based violence, sexual violence
  • SRHR in conflict and crisis settings, migrants, refugees
  • body image, sexuality and cosmetic surgery
  • gender identity
  • sexual orientation
  • lesbians, gays, transgender, intersex