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author and submission guidelines

Authors wishing to submit a paper should read and follow the author and submission guidelines. Please note that these guidelines have been updated on 1 May 2013.

The guidelines cover RHM's editorial policy, journal contents, journal themes, the meaning of authorship, intention to go to publication, length of submissions, the process of editorial and peer review, and editing and acceptance of papers. Copyright and translation of published articles into other languages by RHM partners are explained.

The format for submissions is outlined in detail, including covering letter, title page, abstract, text, tables and figures, acknowledgements, references and footnotes, and submission of visuals to accompany articles.

As of 2013, Reproductive Health Matters has decided to consider video submissions. Any videos submitted must be accompanied by an explanatory narrative, which will be published alongside the video if accepted. Video makers wishing to submit their work should read and follow the video submission guidelines. The journal is published in May and November each year.

Submissions are considered only twice a year, in May and November.

 author and submission guidelines

 video submission guidelines

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