Abortion in the Criminal Law: Peter Greenhouse

Peter Greenhouse is one of several doctors in the UK who were investigated for pre-signing HSA1 forms (the paperwork that must be completed when two doctors authorise an abortion). He explains the reason that those working in abortion services should be committed to making the process as straightforward as possible for women; and that working as part of a multidisciplinary team helps to ensure women have the best possible experience.

This was shown at a meeting about abortion in the criminal law in the UK, hosted by RHM Journal.
Please excuse the strange sound at about 10 minutes – this was filmed during a hail storm!

Suchitra Dalvie on sex selective abortion

Indian doctor and health activist Suchitra Dalvie discusses campaigns against sex selective abortion in India and their negative impact on the provision of all abortion.

This was filmed for a meeting in London hosted by Voice for Choice, the UK pro-choice coalition, on ‘selective abortion’ looking at sex selection and fetal anomaly abortion.

Dr Suchitra Dalvie is the Co-ordinator of the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership ASAP