SRHR Conferences & Events 2017


12-13 January, Durban, South Africa. 19th International Conference on Contraception and Reproductive Health Care


10 February, London, UK. 12th Annual Joint FSRH BASHH Conference: Sexual and Reproductive Health across the Life Course

31 January – 2 February, Malta. HepHIV 2017 HIV and Viral Hepatitis: Challenges of Timely Testing and Care

11-12 February, Seattle, United States. 7th International Workshop on HIV & Women


28 Feb – 4 March, Cape Town, South Africa. 31st International Papillomavirus Conference (HPV2017)

24-25 March, Istanbul, Turkey. International Conference on Public Health

29 March, Brussels, Belgium. Symposium, Ending Gender-Based Violence in Europe


7 April – 9 April,  Amherst, MA, USA. From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom

31 March – 1 April, Vancouver, Canada. Sexual Health 2017


22-31 May, Geneva, Switzerland. WHO – World Health Assembly

28-31 May, Prague, Czech Republic. 23rd Conference of the World Association for Sexual Health


18-20 June, Belfast, Northern Ireland. British Association for Sexual Health and HIV

26-27 June, London, UK. Reproductive Health and Medicine


TBC July, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2nd Edition of the Southern African Regional Students and Youth Conference on Sexual and Reproductive Health

6-8 July, Colorado, USA. 2017 National Sexual Health Conference

11 July, London, UK. Family Planning Summit

10-15 July, Bangkok, Thailand. “Breaking Boundaries: Sexuality, gender, Reproduction, Health and Rights”, International Association for the Sexuality, Culture and Society


10-13 September. “Realizing the SDGs’ Aspiration on Health”, 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Public Health

18-21 September, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. SVRI Forum 2017


2-3 October, Atlanta, Georgia. Annual Summit on Sexual & Reproductive Health, Oncology & Medicine

15-17 October, Berlin, Germany. World Health Summit


3-4 November, California, USA. “Aging & Society”, Seventh Interdisciplinary Conference

27-30 November, Hanoi, Vietnam. 9th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights



25-28 January, Nusa Dua, Indonesia. International Conference on Family Planning


8-12 February, Accra, Ghana. 7th Africa Conference on sexual health and rights

22-23 February, Ghent University, Belgium. Sex and the Academy

23-26 February, Myanmar. 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights


12-14 March, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP)


31 March – 3 April, Busan, Korea. 14th Congress of Asia-Oceania Federation of Sexology


4-7 May, Basel, Switzerland.  Contraception from molecular biology to social science and politics

16-19 May, Copenhagen, DenmarkWomen Deliver

23-28 May, Geneva, Switzerland. World Health Assembly

22-26 May, Curitiba, Brazil.  22nd IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion

25-26 May, Cairo, Egypt. 20th Ain Shams Obstetrics and Gynecology International Conference (ASOGIC).


2-3 June, Belfast, Northern Ireland. Abortion and Reproductive Justice – the Unfinished Revolution II

8-10 June, New York. High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS

13 June-1 July, Geneva, Switzerland. Human Rights Council HRC32.

13-16 June 2016, Athens, Greece. 3rd Annual International Conference on Demography and Population Studies

20-22 June, London, UK. International Health Conference


18-22 July, Durban, South Africa. AIDS 2016

28 – 29 July, Sri Lanka. 2nd International Conference on Public Health (ICOPH 2016)

30-31 July, Buffalo,  United States. Third International Conference on AdvAnces in Women’s studies 


8-9 September, Washington DC, United States. Tenth Annual Research Conference on Population, Reproductive Health, and Economic Development

8-11 September, Bahia, Brazil. 13th AWID International Forum

29-30 September, Singapore. 2nd Singapore International Public Health Conference


4-5 October 2016, Paris, France. Eurongos conference

15-19 October, Salt Lake City, United States. American Society for Reproductive Medicine


10 – 12 November, Aotearoa, New Zealand. New Zealand Family Planning: Sexual and Reproductive Rights Conference


1-2 December, Gent, Belgium. Conference on SRHR Policy Research

17–18 December, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Population, Health, Environment and Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges (PHESD2016)