भारत में नयी दिल्ली स्थित क्रिया संस्था द्वारा आर एच एम से लेख और शोध पेपर्स का चुनाव कर उनका अनुवाद किया जाता है और प्रकाशित किया जाता है है . यह हिंदी संस्करण वार्षिक प्रकाशन है । एक या अनेक अग्रेजी संस्करण से वैसे लेख हिंदी अनुवाद के लिए चुने जाते हैं जो भाषा और क्षेत्र के हिसाब से उपयोगी और प्रासंगिक हों। हिन्दी संस्करण के बारे में जानकारी के लिए या संस्करण की सूचना पाने के लिये ईमेल करें : crea[at]creaworld.org

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rhm hindi 8, 2014

‘sexuality, gender and young people’s rights’ – on the need to involve young people in SRHR policy-making; and – in relation to young people – abortion services, sexual violence, living with HIV,  gendered norms, and (lack of) access to sexuality education

rhm hindi 7, 2013

‘repoliticising sexual and reproductive health and rights’ – on the macroeconomic/political context for realising SRHR; policy formulation; how funding for health gets decided and allocated; reviews of global economic trends, status of international treaties, and status of SRHR in public health education

rhm hindi 6, 2012

abortion and rights on criminalisation of abortion, impact of religion and cultural norms on women’s bodies and rights, sex selection, quality of and access to health services and public health policy related to women’s rights to bodily autonomy

rhm hindi 5, 2011

criminalisation on the impact of criminalisation on sexual and reproductive health and rights; State regulation of sexuality through various tools of criminalisation, and links between sexual violence, HIV/AIDS and criminalisation

rhm hindi 4, 2009

hiv/aids and human rights on the role of sexual and reproductive health services in prevention of HIV/AIDS, feminization of HIV/AIDS as well as links between sexual violence and HIV/AIDS

rhm hindi 3, 2008

maternal mortality and morbidity on women`s rights and safe-motherhood

rhm hindi 2, 2007

‘sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people’ – on issues faced by young people in accessing information and services around reproductive and sexual health and rights

rhm hindi 1, 2006

sexuality and rights on sexuality and sexual rights within the larger framework