Guidelines for guest bloggers

We welcome guest blogs from RHM Editorial Advisory Board members, journal Authors, Peer Reviewers and members of the wider RHM community of readers; and sexual and reproductive health and rights practitioners, academics and activists.

The RHM blog provides a platform for short articles on issues relevant to the RHM readership. The blog aims to add information and value, and an RHM voice, to existing discussions about SRHR, and draw people towards the journal.

The RHM blog is a good place for:
• additional information or background on research published in RHM. This could include information or research that didn’t make it into the final version of your paper, but which tells an interesting or complementary story
• shorter more accessible pieces about previously published RHM journal papers. This could include accounts of how you conducted the research, and individual stories that came up
• pieces that make a link between topical news items and published RHM journal articles
• pieces which bring an RHM perspective, analysis or commentary to topical SRHR issues
• pieces about the way in which SRHR practitioners, activists, and policy makers have used RHM articles and their content to develop and improve policy and practice
• pieces about the way in which academics have used RHM to teach about SRHR, or the way in which RHM articles have stimulated or inspired new research

Tone and content
Blogs can be more polemical and personal than journal articles, but must provide more than just opinions. Assertions made in blogs should be backed up by links to good quality evidence in the journal and elsewhere.

We are interested in creative ways of communicating information and ideas and would consider publishing interviews, roundtable discussions and poems as well blogs presented in the form of videos, slideshows or podcasts.

What makes a good blog?

  • blogs should normally be no longer than 800 words, but we make exceptions for pieces covering particularly complex issues or arguments
  • blogs should reference other articles and contain hyperlinks to make it as easy as possible for the reader to access those articles
  • a blog should bring some new insight, view or idea to an existing conversation, not simply be a repetition of a debate or story that has been widely written about already
  • a blog can ask questions as well as provide information.

Your campaign
The RHM blog does not post generic campaign materials, requests for action, or promote causes or organisations. There may be other ways that RHM would help to promote this kind of information e.g. the news section on the RHM website, through Facebook, Twitter and via our networks.

Submitting your blog

  • For all communication about the RHM blog please email us
  • If you have an idea for a blog, but haven’t written it yet, do get in touch first to see if it’s something we think would work for the RHM blog
  • If you have already written your blog please send it in Word format not as a pdf
  • Put relevant weblinks in brackets next to the word or phrase you would like to hyperlink to this site e.g. ‘more information about journal articles is available on the RHM website ( or from Elsevier (’
  • Include a short description of who you are and what you do
  • Tell us anywhere else that the blog has already been published, or where you intend to publish it
  • We can include photographs or illustrations in the blog – please ensure that any visual images you provide with your blog are freely available to use and not subject to copyright restrictions.

Even if an article fits the above criteria we do not guarantee publication of all submissions.