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Dignity in pregnancy for asylum seekers, UK

Date: 25 February 2013
Source: Refugee Council and Maternity Action

A new UK campaign has been launched, calling for dignity for pregnant women seeking asylum in the UK.

The campaign builds on recent research from the Refugee Council and Maternity Action, 'When maternity doesnÂ’t matter: dispersing pregnant women seeking asylum' which found that pregnant women arriving in the UK as asylum seekers are often moved across the country, sometimes multiple times, uprooting them from friends and family, taking them away from their health care providers and at times from the father of their baby, often against medical advice.

The campaign calls on the government to urgently review its policies to ensure that pregnant women in the asylum system, and their babies, are no longer put at risk.

Women in the UK can join the campaign here by asking UK MPs to write to the Home Secretary to review the current policy.