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beyond acceptability: users' perspectives on contraception 1997

How do women and men decide which contraceptive they are going to use and how do they feel about the methods they have tried? What makes them stay with a method or abandon it for another one? This collection of papers moves beyond the concept of acceptability towards a greater understanding of the perspectives of the people who use contraception in Chile, India, South Africa and the UK, and two cross-country studies.

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safe motherhood initiatives: critical issues 1999

How will safe motherhood be achieved globally – and when? This book includes reviews of national policies and programmes, the importance of medically trained midwives and community-based education, the need for available emergency obstetric care and a well-functioning referral and transport system, the intersection between HIV and maternal mortality and morbidity, the value and limitations of measurement and indicators, and safe motherhood in the context of broader health service issues.

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